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Want your heirs to get along? Speak with them.

Providing Peace of Mind One Estate Plan at A Time

Do you want your heirs to get along?

An estate plan works best when every beneficiary knows in advance who'll inherit what, and why. It's important to tell your heirs, especially your adult children, about the inheritance (if any) they should expect to receive. This is the conversation that every parent KNOWS they should have, but few do.

It's tough enough for your Trustee (often a family member who is grieving your loss) to navigate the deep and often complex waters of inheritance law. Add to it a surprise gift that treats your heirs unequally (not unfairly, but unequally; there is a difference), and those childhood rivalries rise again to the surface. Before you know it, they've boiled over into another War of the Roses. Is that what you want to be remembered for?

Discussing your estate plan with your heirs will eliminate surprises, reduce hurt feelings, and avoid the cost and delays associated with the dreaded "L" word -- litigation.

Not sure how to start the dialogue? Let us do it for you. At the Stephens Law Group P.C., we encourage our senior clients to hold a Family Legacy meeting to share their estate plan with their heirs. Whether in the clients' home, our office, or a retreat destination, it might just be the most meaningful and memorable conversation you'll ever have with your loved ones.

Call us (818.707.8200) to schedule your Family Legacy meeting today.